WBI Group - our history and investments

  • We began providing all aspects of entertainment in the West of Scotland over 20 years ago. Our property investment companies evolved over the next decade. We have been developing, creating and turning around properties and businesses ever since.
  • We have interests as far afield as Edinburgh in the east, to Greenock in the west; from Kenmore in Perthshire, to Leeds in Yorkshire; from Cannes on the French Riviera, to Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria.
  • Investments have been made in various business directions but with the same ethos each time: evaluate the problem, repair the damage to the trading side of the business, and then decide whether to:
    • continue to trade the business under management or sell it on;
    • buy the property and lease the business on;
    • invest in the Company and take a share stake, then help when required to do so;
    • or buy the Company, evaluate the overall problem, and carry out a corporate restructure.
  • We have bought properties and restored or developed them; we have built businesses where we saw an opportunity; we have created businesses that were required to help or expand our existing businesses.
  • We have restructured Companies, reapportioned and restructured their debt, and then retained or sold the various business parts.
  • We have helped to develop land and properties with major building companies such as Cala Homes, Manor Kingdom, and Morrison Construction.
  • Over the years we have amassed massive knowledge and experience in all aspects of property and business. We have a considerable infrastructure of professional personnel both in-house and external. 

Can we help you? We are happy to discuss investing in distressed businesses or in people who need help with their business.

“Our success will ensure that our companies will build their businesses, our employees will build their future, our businesses will build customer satisfaction, and our investments will create wealth.”  
Joseph P White. MD WBI Group